A book about ideas by the person who had them

This is a book about ideas. Its author, David Gluckman, spent 40 years working in the drinks industry creating such memorable brands as Baileys Irish Cream, Le Piat d'Or, Purdey's, Aqua Libra, Tanqueray Ten, Cîroc, Coole Swan and many others. The way they happened will surprise you. The simplicity and clarity of the author's thinking provide invaluable guidelines to anyone engaged in the business of innovation.

It is a unique book about a highly unusual vocation. The author stumbled into the business of creating alcoholic drinks back in 1969. Working for IDV (which later became Diageo) he travelled the world creating drinks and ventured as far afield as Mauritius and Kenya, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan Australia, Canada, Russia, Georgia, Brazil and all over Europe and the US. And the Republic of Ireland was a second home on and off throughout the author’s business career.

Most people will have heard of, and even tasted, Baileys Irish Cream. The book tells the story of how it started life back in London in 1973. A gin brand, Tanqueray Ten was conceived sitting on sacks of dried juniper in the store room at a distillery in Essex, England. And bizarrely, Cîroc, a favourite amongst vodka cognoscenti In New York, started life in a brandy distillery in Tbilisi in faraway Georgia. Their stories are there for all to see and many more.

There are 47 ideas in the book and the failures are as fascinating as the successes. Though Abercrombie’s Prairie Dog, Oxford Blue and St Leger never set the world on fire, they are all close to the author’s heart. Winners or losers, he loved them all.

The book provides entry into the creator’s head and describes the moments when ideas happened. It also offers would-be innovators with valuable clues on how to go about their business.

Dimensions 151 mm x 229 mm
336 pages, full colour throughout.